The help of medical security for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a mechanical form of treatment through tapping and stimulation of pressure points believed to be responsible for the production of specific hormones to counter a medical symptom. A look at Medical Alert Systems does not include EFT programs because health experts and scientist have no tangible evidence of its effectiveness in treating ailments. However, just like herbal medicine, it is an alternative form of medical intervention while taking conventional therapies. Research shows that they are mostly used to treat psychological health challenges like stress and depression. In addition, beauty spa and massage parlors use the technique to relieve anxiety which further leads to stimulation of hormones responsible for happiness which further helps to reduce stress.

Medical alert systems are in business; they would not shy from including EFT specialists in their database of medical personnel to meet the demand of their clients who may specifically want the service. Not all ailments require medicine; look at a patient who undergoes trauma as a result of rape, loss of loved one, job loss or a tragic accident. In case there are physical body injuries, then medicine comes in handy but when you just need to empathize with the victim towards acceptance and help him go through the journey of recovery, counseling is the best medical therapy.

 EFT involves both the use of counseling and tapping of the meridian points which have a direct connection with the central nervous system to produce specific hormones almost immediately for timely results. Have you gone for a massage and just felt relax at home or better? That is the role of EFT as an alternative medicine rather than taking drugs for insomnia, depression, fatigue, headaches and stress. The same effect of the drugs is believed is found when trying to work on the pressure points in the body.

The conflict of interest between EFT technique and mainstream medical intervention is a lack of scientific proof in the human anatomy, yet there are successful stories on the use of EFT technique especially in the treatment of emotional, mental and psychological disorders. However, most patients prefer to incorporate both interventions since they do not have any counter effect on the human body.

An EFT expert admits that there is no guarantee of full recovery in using the program at the same time extreme psychological cases needs conventional medicine to avoid long-term effects like brain damage. There are some cases, where you feel emotionally low and you just want to talk to someone. He may not give you a solution, but the fact that you pour your heart out; it is therapeutic and gives you a sense of satisfaction. “A problem shared is a half solved” that is the same effect EFT counseling sessions have on out body and mind.

 Health experts do not completely dismiss the effect of EFT on the human body, in some mild cases; they recommend counseling before they resolve to medicine. The medical alert systems have no option but to include the personnel to give them an upper hand in increasing customer base.





Ending coffee addiction through EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Coffee, when taken in moderation, provides necessary health and mental benefits. However, you need to take caution to avoid overuse, which can lead to coffee addiction. It is not easy to fight addiction of any substance. However, various emotional, medical and psychological interventions have proved to bear fruit. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one such technique, which involves both emotional and psychological therapies in fighting substance addiction.

How does EFT work?

When you experience coffee cravings you might Love my super-auto-espresso machine just like how i love it(Check it out on, complex brain processes are involved before you start getting the yearnings. EFT uses body part stimulation through tapping so that the brain “forgets” the cravings and focuses on other activities. It works through changing the craving thought in the mind so that the mind is given space to apply reasoning to whether it is wise to quench the craving thirst at that particular time or not. Obviously, if you have the urge to stop the addiction, the power of reasoning will override the strength of craving and you end up stopping the habit.

The pressure points to tap should have a close association with the brain parts, which directly affects the stimulation of the craving desire. Scientists believe on nine pressure points, which need to be tapped or rather massaged while you think of the negative effects of what coffee addiction has on your body, logic will prevail over the addiction. Long-term use of this therapy will fight coffee addiction.

These pressure points are linked directly to the brain cells responsible for the production of stress hormones. Tapping them in a gentle manner, reduces the production of stress hormones, and further reduces anxiety levels, allowing the brain to relax such that when you apply logic, through self-talk, at that time, the mind is sober enough for a health self-discussion on advantages and disadvantages of coffee addiction.

The first step in the process of using EFT therapy is occupying your mind with different activities, such that when you have the craving, your mind is so occupied with useful tasks for you to even think of the coffee craving.

You need to understand the pressure points and how your body reacts to them once they are tapped. Do you need vigorous or gentle tapping for you to reduce the anxiety? Before you embark on the therapy, various tapping procedures should be undertaken for you to ensure you tap on the right parts for the correct stimulation effect.

You cannot rely entirely on EFT for coffee addiction prevention; you have to go through other underlying causes for addiction that causes the craving.  It could be a stressful moment, separation, divorce or loss of a loved one. Use the therapy while also handling underlying issues through counseling to avoid coffee addiction relapse.

Coffee addiction can lead to various side effects like lack of sleep, restlessness, anxiety and nervousness hindering normal functioning of the body. Once this occurs, timely therapies will be of help. You can incorporate the use of both EFT and other coffee addiction measures for sustainable healing.

The high caffeine content in coffee brings adverse side effects; that is why you need to work on coffee addiction before it turns to be fatal.


Auswirkungen von GPS für emotionale Freiheit

Unsere emotionale Bedingung ist durch unser Aussehen leicht wahrnehmbar. Egal, wie gesund unsere Diät und Lebensstile sind, aber wenn wir gestresst und geistig verärgert aufgrund einiger Arten von Problemen, die wir begegnen, unser physischer Körper verliert seine Fähigkeit, normal zu funktionieren.

Auswirkungen von GPS für emotionale Freiheit

Unsere emotionale Bedingung ist durch unser Aussehen leicht wahrnehmbar. Egal, wie gesund unsere Diät und Lebensstile sind, aber wenn wir gestresst und geistig verärgert aufgrund einiger Arten von Problemen, die wir begegnen, unser physischer Körper verlängert seine Fähigkeit, normal zu funktionieren. 

Diese Akupunktur-Technik ist allgemein bekannt als die emotionale Freiheit Technik (EFT). Es ist eine psychologische Akupressur-Technik, die sich mit den gleichen Meridian-Punkten wie die traditionelle Akupunktur, aber dieses Mal, ohne den Einsatz einer Nadel.

Die emotionale Freiheit Technik verwendet vor allem die Fingerspitze Klopfen an der Energie Meridiane Freigabe positiver Erklärung, um die negative Energie in unserem System klar. Dies führt zu einem klaren Geist und wiederhergestellten Körper, der für eine optimale Gesundheit notwendig ist.
Auf der anderen Seite steht GPS für das globale Positionierungssystem. Im Allgemeinen ist das GPS ein satellitengestütztes System, das trotz der Wetterlage geographische Lage und Zeitinformationen liefert. Es ist in der Lage, die genaue Position eines bestimmten Dinges zu bestimmen, das kritisch ist, wenn die Bewertung durch menschliche Evaluation erfolgt. Wenn Sie mehr über GPS wissen möchten, besuchen Sie diese Website (

GPS wurde hauptsächlich von den Militärs benutzt, um die Positionen ihres Gegners zu lokalisieren, und wenn es Waffen gibt, die auf sie zugehen. Neben der technischen Nutzung kann GPS auch im Alltag genutzt werden. In der Tat haben die meisten unserer Gadgets und sogar unsere Autos GPS für einfache und schnellere Navigation.

Having said that, wussten Sie, dass unser menschlicher Körper hat auch unsere eigenen GPS zu? Dieses persönliche GPS in unserem Körper dient als unser Signal, um unsere genaue Position zu verstehen, ob wir in gutem Zustand sind oder nicht. Dieses GPS ist unser emotionaler Kompass, der bestimmte Arten von emotionalen Bedrängnis und Sorgen bewegt, die wir in unserem Leben haben, wenn es irgendwelche gibt. Unser GPS ist unsere menschlichen Emotionen. Mit einem guten GPS für gute Anwälte ist hilfreich in irgendwie.

Es gibt bestimmte Punkte in unserem Körper, die ein Problem signalisieren, wenn diese Punkte nicht in gutem Zustand sind. Und das ist das globale Positionierungssystem unseres Körpers. Solche Probleme können aufgrund von Krankheiten oder Krankheiten, dass, wenn die Punkte richtig und richtig behandelt werden, wird es zur Heilung der spezifischen Krankheit führen.

Uses of GPS for E.F.T Groups Programs Instructions

Here I was with absentmindedly thinking that I had a nervous habit. But little did I know that I was using a great and wonderful healing technique used to reach back to my body’s equilibrium. Anytime I would stop working and began tapping my hand. Sitting there hitting my hand with my other hand became such commonplace when dealing with any kind of stress I have never thought of the possibilities that it was a natural response for my body to deal with stress.


The GPS system was a huge headache and I was trying the program the thing so that it will be able to be used for my car as well as any other uses for my wives car. I sat in my seat looking at the darn thing wishing that I knew how to read Spanish since those instructions would seem less foreign than the manual that was written in English. Every time I would get frustrated I would stop reading grab the intersection between my eyes and my nose. I would then begin to start tapping my hand again breathing slowly in and out. Which would lower my anger from the Incredible Hulk level’s down to minor mannered Dr. Banner. If you want to have in depth information about GPS, you can check this website                          ( ) .
I remembered at that moment during college. That the best ways to learn the subject matter is sometimes changing the learning formula. Instead of trying to learn the subject matter by reading the manual and forcing myself to read through the manual line by line. Then trying to figure the technical jargon by using a combination of YouTube and Google searches.


In order to keep the subject matter non-threatening and intimidating. I believe the instructions of the manual could be combined with the learning of the ETF techniques. Just like making a cake the instructions would need to be as easy and have all the right ingredients so that they can be combined to make the right outcome.


The EFT basic recipe has 5 main steps. ( All of which are listed below.) These steps are taken from a manual of the GPS which will help break down the whole reprogramming process as well as how to implement the ETF techniques.


Step 1: Identify the Issues: Whether it is an emotional problem or programming the GPS coordinates and or the GPS device.


Step 2: Try out the Techniques. Try out the techniques, by testing out the ETF techniques the same way you would input the coordinates of a GPS. Begin to program you along with the device. Do this by putting in the coordinates. Try out the different ETF techniques and pressure points to see which ones would be best to use for you.


Step 3: The Setup. Is another word for a trial run. Begin the process through your mind and saying what is needed. Use both the techniques as well as verbally identifying the issue. (Important) Always aim to use positive language to proactively attack the emotional or stressful issue.


Step 4: Catenation. This is the main step and perhaps the most important using the whole techniques into one section. Go over the issue again. Use positive language. Use the tapping techniques and find the right rhythm. Use the right coordinates and amount of pressure for the pressure points. Do this for 5-10 minutes.


Step 5: The 2nd Test. Retest the issue again seeing if the stress and or pain/ aggravating GPS instructions are working again.