Be One Of Us – Become An EFT Practitioner

December 3, 2019

Ellen T. Hillman

Emotional Freedom Technique is a way in which you use meridional points to send signals to the brain to work on emotional and physical pain. The moment one is emotionally unstable then you are sure his physical health is also compromised. This is a method that complements conventional medicine by using the psychological method of solving issues. In case your workplace deals with people with psychological problems then this is a gap. You need to look for ways to become an eft practitioner.

Before we focus on the ways then we need to look at the benefits of becoming an EFT practitioner. This is one professional who comes in handy to deal with deep psychological issues that may be caused by traumatic experiences, stress, depression, and anxiety. It complements the normal healthcare system such that you can deal with deep emotional issues that the normal medicines may not be able to solve or sort. It also comes in handy to make sure that an individual can realize his problem and solve them from within.

This is a profession that needs not only someone with interest but also with the passion to deal with people with emotional issues. There are some personal virtues that you need to have to become a successful EFT practitioner which include patience, love, humility, and self-control.
Every country has different policies to become an EFT practitioner but the bottom line is that they need to go through formal training and do an exam. There are local exam centers and also the global center which has a regulated exam to make sure that the EFT expert has all it takes to deal with the job.

Here are some of the steps that one needs to follow to become a professional EFT expert.

  • Enroll in a professional seminar to get acquitted with what happens in this field.
  • Go to the online application form and fill in your details including the application fee which in most cases is not refundable
  • Get a mentorship partner who has experience in the course to give you guidance on what you need to do or have in preparation for the EFT course.
  • Complete all the 50 sessions that involve practical session I handling various emotional issues
  • Use the experiences to sharpen your skills through yet another intensive course to master the EFT technique systems and their effect in various individuals with different psychological challenges.
  • Interact with people who are in dire need of this therapy and note down the progress of their emotional challenge in line with your effort.
  • It is now time to work with your personal experience or you need to be stable emotionally to also come in handy to manage your won problems. This needs to take at least 15 hours to do this.
  • You are now done with the course and you are ready to graduate and become a professional EFT practitioner.

This is the 8 steps you need to follow but customize them with your host country to make sure you have a valid certificate.


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