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Things that Make EFT Experts Enjoy Their Work Environment

The simple things you ignore play a crucial role in enhancing your emotional well being. EFT experts derive their joy from their clients.

The moment their patients feel relieved and relaxed, definitely that’s their joy. When they come out better than how they came in, that’s a win-win situation for both the client and the health professional.

What brings about this successful situation?

People spend 80 percent of their productive life in the workplace. Therefore, the work environment needs to be useful to enhance the delivery of service.

A lot goes on behind a worker’s mind, and that’s why, as an employer, you need to have value added functions within the facility to enhance their emotional well-being.

Why you need happy staff

The satisfaction and gratification from your staff directly have a positive impact on your productivity.

You need to have the smiling face to ensure they go the extra mile to please and provide quality service to your customers.

Other reasons include:

  • Boosts one’s self-esteem
  • Enhances one’s confidence levels
  • Increases their creativity levels
  • Leads to proper physical and emotional health
  • Creates a team spirit
  • Improves staff retention

Once you are in EFT business, strive to have these things in place for your employees’ happiness to enjoy these benefits and productivity.

Here are a few ideas that will keep your EFT employees happy.

  1. Access to basic facilities

The public health department has regulations on some of the things you need to have in your workplace.

The question now here comes. How is their condition? It is the simple things that matter. When you have a constant supply of water, how safe and clean is it for consumption?

Is it sweet to taste, or you subject your employees to consuming hard water. That is now your role in investing in water purification tablets and placing it in the best water storage container for your clients and staff.

That alone is enough to send a signal on how you value them, including their health. By extension, it also improves their physical health.

Who wants to work in an area where one’s health is compromised?

  • Air conditioners and humidifiers

Your staff spends at least 8 hours a day on the premises throughout the year. During summer months, the temperatures are high, but you expect them to deliver quality services.

In times when there is high humidity, what do you do? Invest in such appliances to create a conducive environment for your employees to work at optimum levels.

These appliances include

  • Heaters
  • Humidifies
  • Air conditioners
  • Fan
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerators

You aim to make sure that the employees have no reason to leave the workplace because of discomfort.

Psychologically, someone can’t be at their desk and not work. The long term effect is high productivity levels due to comfort status.

  • Gym facility

After a hard day working in terminal points for clients, your personnel also need to relax their body and mind.

Fitness is a dream of most career individuals. If you provide the facility within the premises, trust me, workers will stay longer knowing they have no rush to beat the fitness center’s hours.

healthy body weight translates to quality service delivery. What else do you want from your workers? It would be best if you had them healthy and flexible to handle customers who need therapy for long hours, which is physically intensive.

  • Motivational speakers and role models

When you are at the peak of your EFT work, where you have an influx of visitors; you have tight deadlines; clients are a bit demanding, among other things that require your employees to work under pressure.

At this point, you have to go the extra mile and organize a motivational talk to your employees.

  • Provides a practical approach to handling situations
  • Aids in conflict management and resolutions
  • Inspire your employees
  • Helps to overcome challenging problems and obstacles
  • Reduces the gap between clients, employer, and employees
  • Gifts, presents, and getaways

Apart from the salary, what else can EFT employees take pride as additional services or good they get in their workplace?

Yes, they may have tips from clients, but what of you as their boss? Once in a while, appreciate your employees for their excellent work.

There are many ways of doing this. You can have a Christmas gift, shopping vouchers, surprise lunch or dinner, and reward for the best employee of the month, among other incentives.

All these are geared towards making them happy and joyful despite the situation at hand. This explains why some employees stick to a specific workplace, not because of the salary but the happiness they get in the workplace.

Others leave work with hefty pays for lack of joy and passion for the job.

Starting a business is maintaining it through value addition got from employees– is yet another effort.

Why EFT Experts Need Digital Security Solutions

Handling psychological issues require professionals. People are ready to pay for the service as long as they are guaranteed of emotional freedom.

They tend to realize the importance of emotional stability to enhance their productivity at home and workplace in equal measure.

Currently, EFT experts are well-sort-after paramedics; they receive emails, calls, and contracts from both individuals and organizations seeking their services.

They have moved the business a notch higher to offer physical and online lessons/courses for people who want to start the business. All these translate to high cash flow. You notice that most of the services are online, especially those who are miles away and want to seek their services.

How do unmanaged negative thoughts affect your productivity?

Bitterness, anger, despair, and fear causes emotional instability. Your mental state is also affected. You can’t focus on the tasks at hand.

Either you do them in a hurry or fail to do it at all. As an employee or a business owner, continued negative emotions leads to increased stress and depression levels. Do you think you can even think of new ideas for your business?

Emotional Freedom Technique as a Solution

EFT professionals admit their role in reducing the stress level for business continuity. They touch sensitive points in the body, which signals to the brain to produce happy hormones. Other benefits include

  • Uses positive confirmation to overcome a problem at hand
  • Aids in the healing process of psychological issues
  • Reduces inflammation and muscle pains
  • Creates a sense of positivity

EFT as a business

EFT business is booming in the digital market. However, fraudsters are somewhere within the web, waiting for a weak point in your system to defraud you.

Even the renowned money transfer companies are victims of these fraudulent activities. The only savior is digital security solutions. In their business, they’ve mastered the art in detecting and monitoring the system to seal all the loopholes fraudsters use to defraud unsuspecting clients.

Before you make such a decision, ensure you run due diligence from verified users who have benefitted from their services. Home Security solutions fit this description.

The many decades they’ve been in business, they’ve managed to check all their clients’ financial transactions. Moreover, they give value to their services.

The importance of Digital Security Solutions for EFT professionals

With more income for EFT professionals, Identity Theft and LifeLock plans are a must-have for all Emotional Freedom experts. It’s of importance to register in one of them for the following reasons

1. Money-Back guarantee

One advantage of this solution is that it gives you thirty days to test the quality of their services.

Within this period, you can opt-out with full refunds of your entire premium, with no charges attached. Once you register with them, whether you are on a trial period or not, you access all the services with no limitation.

In case of anything to your accounts, be sure you are covered based on the plan. How about that?

 2. Compensation of up to $1 million

The contract you have with a digital solution is to take care of your financial transaction against any fraudulent activities.

As part of the contract agreement, it states a compensation plan if someone uses your identity to withdraw money from your account.

 Some of the clients who come for your services could be fraudsters. Remember the common English saying, “the enemy is from within.”

LifeLock will compensate you in case of anything. The amount depends on your plan and the contract terms.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

Digital Security solutions are there for you when you need them. You can’t dictate when hackers knock at your bank account doors.

It could be late at night, early in the morning, or during the day. The 24/7 customer support comes in handy to provide all the necessary help you need.

 The Identity theft package provides notification in the form of texts or emails to alert the company of a fishy business in your account to prevent any further entry/ damage to your account.

4. Identity restoration

The moment a hacker gets hold of the identity documents, you are doomed in your EFT investment.

 Surprisingly, you can’t change your identity; it remains the same. Online experts understand the best way to restore your identity just in case you fall, victim. It is part of the service offered in their toolkit.

5. Affordable plans to suit the customer base of your business including your family

Novice and experts in the industry need security solutions. As long as you transact cash on online platforms, you’re susceptible to hacking.

The Home Security plans suit the needs of all businesses, depending on their financial base. Definitely, a high monetary base needs additional services compared to the beginners who only require essential services.

However, online security solution caters for all that in different plans. The plan includes either monthly or annual premium payments.

The flexibility in the plans supports all developing and developed EFT businesses.

6. Family plan

Digital protection services extend the services to their family members. It’s a way of making sure every family member is peaceful with less stress. The companies understand the power of family peace.

 When a family member is in distress, every other member is affected or infected in one way or another. As you grow your business as an EFT professional, digital security solutions MUST be part of your plan to secure your bank accounts against hackers and fraudsters.

Water Heater to Reduce Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is a common phenomenon among people regardless of social class or age. There are medical interventions that can be used to treat emotional stress. However, emotional stress can as well be managed using traditional methods. Soaking in warm water is one you those methods you can try out.

With daily demands of life, you can find yourself exhausted both mentally and physically. Also, routine duties can be exhausting. This leaves one with no option but to look for a way of relieving oneself.

On Vacation Using Water Heater

When people think of a suitable relaxation, they think of going for a vacation. This is a good idea. Importantly, you don’t have to go for a holiday and comeback feeling exhausted. It’s always in ones’ expectations that the vacation will lead to refreshment and rejuvenation.
But most times, the vacations cause more exhaustion. There are some tips you take follow to make your vacation a better way to recharge. You will even realize that the vacation does not have to be expensive. You can even get your much-needed relaxation therapy at the comfort of your home.
Use of warm water to manage stress is one of the effects that can still be used today.
Warm water aids in relieving muscle tension which is the major characteristic of stress. After soaking in warm water, you will realize that you start to feel better The effects are felt even long after soaking.

In warming water, a water heater is all you need (check HHH for the reviews). How does warm water work in relieving muscle tension? The water increases blood circulation as it reduces gravity force acting on the body. This makes muscles loosen up.
The following are tips to follow in using warm water therapy for stress management;

The water should be warm. Don’t use hot water.
During the water therapy, make sure you are hydrated- drink water before and after the warm water bath.
Ensure you soak in water for at least 20 minutes.

For maximum benefit make sure you do stretches. Doing simple stretches in the bathtub will aid in the stimulation of blood circulation.
Use magnesium sulfate salts during warm baths. The salts for good in enhancing the functioning of the heart.

Managing stress does not have to be expensive and exhausting. You can buy a water heater, and treat yourself to warm baths often. Also, when going on a vacation, you can use a water heater to prepare warm water for this therapeutic exercise.
You can consider doing warm water therapy twice to thrice a week. The therapy will boost your moods. You will keep sad feelings at bay, and you always feel fresh and relieved.

A water heater is a tested tool that has been used for many years in managing emotional and physical stress. For your management of stress, you will realize you don’t have strain yourself much. You only need a warm water bath, and you will feel alright.
There are many models of water heaters in the market. These heaters defer in size, efficiency, cost, and brands. You only need to consider your water heater needs first before you buy one After that, you go to the stores, and sample the available water heater models. you can choose the one that suits your needs conveniently.

Investments You Need Now To Have #RetirementGoals

All reach the third age sometime in their lives. It is better if you can plan your retirement ahead of time, so you can be sure to live comfortably at your age. A developed society takes care of their seniors. Many are committed to providing advice to companies in which they provide a comfortable living environment for the elderly, in which they are in good hands. In these places, seniors receive attention and love 24 hours a day, every day of the week so they can always feel at ease. These places can be nursing homes, apartments with services and more.

Nursing homes help older people to live an active and healthy life by providing them with medical facilities at an early age. Family members may be forced to send elderly family members to care homes or serviced apartments for work commitments or other obligations. However, such a decision may not be easy for all family members to meet. Many people seek the help of experienced life counselors to assist them in making this decision so that their family members are well looked after.

Many people prefer to live in old people’s homes or flats if, for practical reasons, they have exceeded a certain age. In this way, they can count on the help of an assistant in a retirement home who can effectively meet their needs. living alone, the opportunity to be very difficult in old age and life to mix people in a nursing home with people of the same age group that can help them become part of a social network. Some good consultants can help you select a specific retirement home based on your physical condition and needs. In the case of nursing homes, it is necessary to pay to live in these homes. The amount of the payment depends on the facilities for the elderly.

Senior citizens also receive support in nursing homes or nursing homes. The assistants provide assistance with phone calls, accompany them to their sights and visit the place of residence for the elderly. Participants also provide support by simply spending time with them and sharing stories and memories.

Serviced apartments are another option when it comes to senior accommodation. These are designed to be used by seniors who want to stay independent while receiving help through 24-hour emergency assistance. These people can also enjoy the safety, camaraderie, service, and facilities of a community of older people. While living in these serviced apartments, seniors can get all the attention they need while being freed from cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other tedious activities. Instead, they can participate in light entertainment activities, exercises, and spiritual contemplation. For apartments with assisted living, you will find rental and purchase options. Investing in good insurance companies is also a good option for the retirement benefit. One can easily read a lot of living from the insurance with liberty health insurance reviews offering the best benefits.

Although older people may need to live on the free products of their loved ones, the attention, and support available to them can help them lead a happy and happy life.

Limousine for EFT Groups

Comfortable cars are well-designed with well-insulated cabins that reduce noise and have superior suspension. Limousine always offers consistent quality service you can depend on. Limousine Services are the perfect fit for any occasion. You can depend on Limousine for all your events…wedding parties, sporting events, wine tours, anniversaries, corporate affair, drop-off and pick-up services and don’t forget a night on the town.

Who says that drugs, surgeries, radiation and the like represent the only viable solutions to physical problems? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques (sometimes called Tapping) and, in essence, it is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we don’t use needles. Instead, we stimulate certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. This innovative Tapping tool has proven useful in clinical settings for just about any emotional, physical or performance issue you can name.

Using a limousine for transportation can be good for the EFT groups. You can use limousine for a better emotional health. The patients who are going through an Emotional Freedom Technique process must use a limousine for their transportation. It is the best luxury car in the market that provides comfortability. Moreover, it provides you with a safe, stylish and luxurious travel experience. EFT has been using for the treatment of many pain and diseases such as headaches, phobias, bee stings. This technique is essential for serious diseases and those who are suffering from diseases can suffer in limousines. There are many EFT groups that provide you with the greater emotional freedom and a deeper level of self-awareness. Each meeting will start with learning the technique for those unfamiliar with EFT, and then they apply EFT Tapping on a certain point on their body.

Comfort starts with the seats because you’re going to spend nearly all of your in-car time in a seat. That potentially could be a lot of hours and a lot of miles. Add in a bad back, and you could be miserable if you don’t find a vehicle with comfy seats so in this area limousine is the best option available to you. Power seats offer an infinite number of position settings which manual seats cannot. If more than one person drives the vehicle, power seats are especially beneficial and limousine provides you this feature. When you sit in a limousine car you will feel like you are sitting in one of the best luxury cars. It gives you a no sound of an engine and gives you a peaceful environment to sit in the car. Limousine has a superior suspension that adjusts themselves to varying road conditions which will be good for the patients for their comfortability.

Limousines have been a great pleasure for the customer who is using it because they know that how much benefit it gives them. If a patient is using such car will be much healthier and feel comfortable to drive in it. Though it is an expensive vehicle one can use it if they prefer comfort in their life. I think everyone should buy a limo for its best quality service and luxury comfortable experience. For a more in-depth details about limousine service, you can check Limo Service Waco for more information.


How Can Money Affect Emotions of Human?

How do you behave when you have money and when you lack money? Money dictates our actions, Although there are other underlying factors, money carries the lead. The fact that you cannot get what you want at that time because you lack money, you will have a spoilt mood. Money gives you the confidence even to walk in a shop even if you do not intend to make any purchase. Compare when you go for window-shopping in the two scenarios. You lack psyche and you get discourages by the fact that you cannot afford.

It is worse when you are the breadwinner in the family. Your kids need something and you cannot give them instead you give them excuses. You look more of a failure, innocence in kids as they ask for a favor crushes you. However, you can use that as a financial guide for the children “you do not just get what you want at whatever time, you have to plan for it. 24 Option and IQ Option compared you will find that the sole course of poor moods is when you lack money to finance your projects. It is even worse when you are unable to meet the basic need, which defines your ego.

When you live from hand to mouth, you walk with a low self-esteem, several questions run through your mind. What if I loose my job now? What if someone feels sick now. Your weakness comes out in the open. Unfortunately, if any emergency arises, you forced to ask from friends exposing you, this lowers your self-esteem. The fact that you even imagine how people talk about your financial status inhibits your social interaction among family and friends. If you friends ask you to go out, will you just depend on their pockets to pay your bills? That kind of embarrassment makes you wallow in pity if you lack good support system you can easily get into depression because of stress.

You have a job, but the pay is low. You are forced to borrow or use your credit card which in most cases will not meet your financial needs. The high-interest rates are also on your back, leave alone the family needs. You are one of the most unhappy people in the workplace, your productivity level, of course, will be low since your mind is occupied with a lot of thought. Companies which exploit their employees through poor pay have a slow growth rate. Money is a motivating tool even among employees, he can walk for long hours simply because all her/his financial needs are well catered. This improves his concentration span putting more effort on the companies by giving wise decisions that govern the company to the next level.

Money is the fuel to happiness, at the same time money can be a source of trouble for it allows pride to take center stage in your life. It is important to build a strong personality such that money does not govern your way of life but you can always manage yourself with the little that you have.


Dewalt wood tools for emotional freedom technique

Dewalt is a global brand in the production of best models from Dewalt which define class and creativity. In Emotional Freedom Technique, as they apply the professional angle of handling pressure points for the best result, the “patient” needs comfort to experience the impact of the conventional medicine. Although there is no defined type of furniture a bed with a smooth finishing makes the difference.

Imagine yourself in such a health facility, the first thing that welcomes you in the room is poor finishing and wall fittings, with that in mind you relate it to poor service and lack of professionalism in getting details. Remember, emotional freedom technique is a mind game, as long as you already have an attitude, you will not have the emotional feeling of the touches.

You have managed to lie on the bed as the therapist require. You experience a hard surface which is even more uncomfortable because you want value for your money, you opt to persevere thinking it is a therapy in itself, as they start the therapy, it gets tenser and you realize, there is a lapse in the woodwork design. You will get no benefit from the service.

As an owner of the facility, it is not just the service you give to your customers, but the comfort within your premise matters a lot, right from the entrance to the therapy room. If a guest accompanies a friend or a guest in your facility, of course, he will have to stay at the reception. What is the outward look of your furniture? It makes a difference in having a unique design which defines class and elegance, after all, this is a new medicinal intervention which should depict in your interior decor.

Save yourself the embarrassment which will result in loss of customers and reduces customer loyalty, invests in woodwork tools which will add value to your interior designs, furniture, and wooden fittings. The Dewalt woodwork tools make a difference, depending on the equipment, it gives you a smooth finishing and a leveling effect that gives you a difference after paint spraying.

The durability and strength of the brand give you value for your money. Just a simple woodcutting woodwork will it only just give a straight wooden edge but a pattern which has an effect on the emotional wellbeing of your “patient” prior to the therapy. 

Just like visiting a hospital, just the step in the hospital without a doctor’s treatment, it is therapeutic to the patient. It makes the body relax such that when you administer the drug, it works in full force. Have the best woodwork design for all your wooden furniture for a personal emotional effect such that when you apply the pressure points, there is the timely response, since the “patient” has no negative thoughts on the credibility of your services.

Most renowned woodworkers prefer the Dewalt brand due to affordability, durability, strength of performance and functionality of any of their tools. Online reviews give a clear picture on the same.

Auswirkungen von GPS für emotionale Freiheit

Unsere emotionale Bedingung ist durch unser Aussehen leicht wahrnehmbar. Egal, wie gesund unsere Diät und Lebensstile sind, aber wenn wir gestresst und geistig verärgert aufgrund einiger Arten von Problemen, die wir begegnen, unser physischer Körper verliert seine Fähigkeit, normal zu funktionieren.

Auswirkungen von GPS für emotionale Freiheit

Unsere emotionale Bedingung ist durch unser Aussehen leicht wahrnehmbar. Egal, wie gesund unsere Diät und Lebensstile sind, aber wenn wir gestresst und geistig verärgert aufgrund einiger Arten von Problemen, die wir begegnen, unser physischer Körper verlängert seine Fähigkeit, normal zu funktionieren. 

Diese Akupunktur-Technik ist allgemein bekannt als die emotionale Freiheit Technik (EFT). Es ist eine psychologische Akupressur-Technik, die sich mit den gleichen Meridian-Punkten wie die traditionelle Akupunktur, aber dieses Mal, ohne den Einsatz einer Nadel.

Die emotionale Freiheit Technik verwendet vor allem die Fingerspitze Klopfen an der Energie Meridiane Freigabe positiver Erklärung, um die negative Energie in unserem System klar. Dies führt zu einem klaren Geist und wiederhergestellten Körper, der für eine optimale Gesundheit notwendig ist.
Auf der anderen Seite steht GPS für das globale Positionierungssystem. Im Allgemeinen ist das GPS ein satellitengestütztes System, das trotz der Wetterlage geographische Lage und Zeitinformationen liefert. Es ist in der Lage, die genaue Position eines bestimmten Dinges zu bestimmen, das kritisch ist, wenn die Bewertung durch menschliche Evaluation erfolgt. Wenn Sie mehr über GPS wissen möchten, besuchen Sie diese Website (

GPS wurde hauptsächlich von den Militärs benutzt, um die Positionen ihres Gegners zu lokalisieren, und wenn es Waffen gibt, die auf sie zugehen. Neben der technischen Nutzung kann GPS auch im Alltag genutzt werden. In der Tat haben die meisten unserer Gadgets und sogar unsere Autos GPS für einfache und schnellere Navigation.

Having said that, wussten Sie, dass unser menschlicher Körper hat auch unsere eigenen GPS zu? Dieses persönliche GPS in unserem Körper dient als unser Signal, um unsere genaue Position zu verstehen, ob wir in gutem Zustand sind oder nicht. Dieses GPS ist unser emotionaler Kompass, der bestimmte Arten von emotionalen Bedrängnis und Sorgen bewegt, die wir in unserem Leben haben, wenn es irgendwelche gibt. Unser GPS ist unsere menschlichen Emotionen. Mit einem guten GPS für gute Anwälte ist hilfreich in irgendwie.

Es gibt bestimmte Punkte in unserem Körper, die ein Problem signalisieren, wenn diese Punkte nicht in gutem Zustand sind. Und das ist das globale Positionierungssystem unseres Körpers. Solche Probleme können aufgrund von Krankheiten oder Krankheiten, dass, wenn die Punkte richtig und richtig behandelt werden, wird es zur Heilung der spezifischen Krankheit führen.

Emotionale Effekte von Kaffee zum Menschen

Wie jeder Koffein-Enthusiast bezeugen kann, ist dies leichter gesagt als getan. Für diejenigen, die es ignorieren, Ihre Fähigkeit, Ihre Emotionen zu verwalten und halten Sie Ihre Stille unter Stress ist direkt mit Ihrer Produktivität verbunden. TalentSmart führte eine Studie von mehr als einer Million Einzelpersonen durch, die zeigten, dass 90% der effektivsten Leute hohe emotionale Intelligenz hatten. Sie verwalten brillant, um ihre Emotionen (auch in akuten Stress) zu verwalten, um ihre Gelassenheit zu bewahren. Eine Sache, Kaffee zu trinken ist, eine Kaffeemaschine oder eine Kaffeemaschine zu benutzen. Wir mögen die De’Longhi EC680 Sicherlich werden Sie es auch mögen.
Die gute Seite von Koffein: es gibt nicht wirklich

Die meisten Menschen beginnen Kaffee zu trinken, weil sie mehr aufmerksam und in einer besseren Stimmung fühlen. Viele Studien zeigen, dass Koffein tatsächlich die kognitive Leistungsfähigkeit (Gedächtnis, Dauer der Aufmerksamkeit auf ein Thema, etc.) kurzfristig verbessert. Leider haben diese Studien nicht berücksichtigt, die Menge an Koffein von diesen Personen aufgenommen. Eine neue Studie von der John Hopkins School of Medicine zeigt, dass die Verbesserung der Leistung durch Koffeinkonsum in Kaffee-Trinker, die das Umgekehrte einer Unterbrechung ihres Verbrauchs auf kurze Sicht erlitten traten. Durch die Analyse der Teilnehmer Koffein Aufnahme, fanden John Hopkins Forscher, dass Fortschritte in Koffein nicht existieren, ohne es zu stoppen. Im Wesentlichen nicht mehr einnehmen Koffein reduziert Ihre kognitive Leistung und hat einen negativen Einfluss auf Ihre Stimmung. Der einzige Weg, um wieder normal ist, um Kaffee zu trinken und wenn Sie tun, fühlen Sie sich aufgeladen. In Wirklichkeit senkt das Getränk nur eine geringe Zeit die Effizienz auf sein übliches Niveau.

Die schlechte Seite: Adrenalin

Absorbieren Koffein führt zur Adrenalinproduktion. Dies ist die Quelle der “Kampf-Flug” -Antwort, ein Überlebensmechanismus, der Sie zwingt, zu kämpfen oder wegzulaufen, wenn Sie sich vor einer Bedrohung. Dieser Vorgang entfernt rationale Argumente für eine schnellere Reaktion. Es ist nützlich, wenn Sie von einem Bären verfolgt werden, aber nicht, wenn Sie plötzlich auf eine E-Mail antworten. Wenn Koffein Ihren Körper und Ihr Gehirn zu diesem Zustand der Hyper-Stimulation bringt, haben Ihre Emotionen Vorrang vor Ihrem Verhalten.

Reizbarkeit und Angst sind die beiden am häufigsten beobachteten Auswirkungen der Verwendung von Koffein, aber es ermöglicht Ihre Emotionen zu übernehmen.

Die negativen Auswirkungen der Adrenalinproduktion, die durch die Aufnahme von Koffein erzeugt werden, beeinflussen nicht nur das Verhalten. Forscher an der Carnegie Mellon Universität haben entdeckt, dass ein hoher Verbrauch von Koffein den Blutdruck erhöht, stimuliert das Herz und verursacht einen ruckartigen Atem, wissen die Leser von Emotional Intelligence 2.0 jetzt, dass es das Gehirn des Sauerstoffs beraubt, die für Sie notwendig ist, in einer Ruhe zu denken Und rationale Weise.

Der verborgene Effekt: schlafen

Wenn Sie schlafen, wird Ihr Gehirn buchstäblich aufgeladen, es scannt die Erinnerungen an Ihren Tag, speichert sie oder unterdrückt sie (verursacht durch Träume), so dass Sie aufwachen in den kühlen Morgen, bereit und Ideen gut an Ort und Stelle. Ihre Fähigkeit, Ihre Fähigkeit zu konzentrieren, behalten Elemente und die Geschwindigkeit, mit der Sie verwalten, um Informationen zu verarbeiten wird beeinträchtigt werden, wenn Sie schlafen fehlt. Für Sieausgeruht zu sein, geht Ihr Gehirn durch eine Menge aufwendige Zyklen. Sie können helfen, diesen Prozess zu erreichen und die Qualität Ihres Schlafes zu verbessern, indem Sie Ihre Koffeinaufnahme verringern.
Hier ist, warum Sie wollen, um es zu verringern: Koffein wirkt für sechs Stunden, was bedeutet, es dauert 24 volle Stunden vollständig aus dem Körper verschwinden. Wenn Sie eine Tasse Kaffee um 8 Uhr trinken, werden 25% Koffein in Ihrem Körper noch um 20.00 Uhr anwesend sein.

Alles, was Sie nach dem Mittag verschlucken, wird bei 50% systematisch vorhanden sein, wenn Sie zu Bett gehen. Jede Menge an Koffein in Ihrem Blut – und die negativen Auswirkungen mit der Dosis erhöhen – macht Sie Einschlafen schwieriger.

Wenn du endlich einschlafen kannst, wird das Schlimmste kommen. Koffein verändert die Qualität Ihres Schlafes durch die Verringerung Ihrer paradoxen Schlaf, dass tiefe Schlaf, während der Ihr Körper erholt und Prozesse Emotionen. Wenn Koffein Ihren Schlaf beeinträchtigt, wachen Sie am nächsten Tag mit einer emotionalen Behinderung auf.

EFT Training and Certification Questions

Why AAMET EFT Certification?

There are other certification programs springing up in response to the publics desire to be certified. We support everyones freedom of choice. Here are some of the reasons why we support AAMET EFT certification over others:

  • Those certifying EFT for AAMET have immense clinical experience including private practices, proven practitioner skills, a history of supervising, recommendations from students and clients, and more.
  • The majority of EFT Masters currently teaching EFT Levels are all following AAMETs curriculum, regulations and syllabus. This speaks volumes.
  • AAMETs grandparenting policy clearly recognizes previous training and experience.
  • AAMET has been in place for over 8 years with a vast amount of practical and administrative experience in this area.
  • AAMET is a true democracy (that does not rely on the permanent leadership of any one person who might need to retire and leave the program as Gary Craig needed to do in June, 2010.)
  • Both licensed and unlicensed professionals are welcome in AAMETs certification process.
  • AAMETs EFT Master curriculum is being put together by current EFT Masters with the assistance of Ann Adams who originally set the EFT Masters program up with Gary Craig.

Does my existing workshop experience count toward AAMET certification?

Any relevant professional credentials, experience and skills will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to list your background and any relevant skills on your application for being grandfathered in.

Does it matter who I took the classes from?

For AAMET certification, you should take your classes from an AAMET trainer. However, you may fall under the grandfathering process under certain circumstances. Please fill out the application form for grandfathering or contact an AAMET Trainer. In consultation, an AAMET Trainer may determine that your prior training is a sufficient foundation to become a part of their Practitioner Certification path.

Does my EFT-Cert I and II count for anything?

This certification shows that you have EFT knowledge based on Gary Craig’s online test. Most AAMET trainers see this as a sufficient EFT foundation to submit your case studies in your path to becoming an AAMET EFT Level 2 Practitioner. It does not show your skill in an actual EFT session. Practitioner certification is completed by individual AAMET Trainers. Please contact an AAMET Trainer for your individual assessment of skills.

Do any of my professional credentials count in my favor?

The AAMET reviews applications on a case-by-case basis and seeks to treat each applicant fairly and respectfully. Provided that you have adequate training and experience with EFT, AAMET will consider any relevant professional credentials and experience in your favor. If you have a background in therapy, teaching, training, presenting or any other relevant skills, you have the opportunity to include all of this in your application for being grandfathered into your desired level.

How do I get registered with AAMET?

On this link:

How much does it cost to join AAMET?

Membership fees vary depending on membership level. Fees are as follows Students £10 (approx $16); qualified Practitioners £20 (approx $31), Adv. Practitioners £22 (approx $34); Trainers £30 (approx $47); Trainer of Trainers £40 (approx $62) and Masters £50 (approx $78). Being a member will give you privileged access to certain downloads and information on the website, depending upon the level of membership.

Why should I register with AAMET? How will joining AAMET benefit me?

  • Opportunity to belong to an Association that has standards of practice and training
  • Increased recognition and acceptance by being a member of a professional Association
  • Opportunity to create your own profile page
  • Advertise yourself, your courses and events (coming soon)
  • Trainers have access to materials, logos, letter-heads etc
  • Opportunity to submit articles for publication in the high-quality AAMET Magazine

How do I find workshops near me?

Click to go to our AAMET US Trainings page.

You can also find more here and

What are the different levels of membership offered by AAMET?

  • Fellow (Appointed for their contribution to AAMET and/or EFT)
  • Friend (Anyone with an interest in learning more about meridian energy techniques or energy therapies)
  • Student (Those who have trained but who havent yet acquired their Practitioner certificate)
  • New! Meridian Energy Therapist (Anyone who has qualified as a meridian energy practitioner or trainer). This includes Emotrance, TAT, Matrix re-imprinting, BSFF, Balance Procedure etc.
  • Practitioner (Levels 2 & 3) (Those who have trained to and achieved their AAMET EFT Practitioner certificate)
  • Trainer (An AAMET approved trainer)
  • Trainer of Trainers (An AAMET approved Trainer of Trainers)
  • Masters (Currently open to existing EFT Masters) (This title will be offered soonsee What requirements will there be to become an EFT Master? below)

How many clients do I need to have to get certified?

Gary Craig’s guidelines for EFT certification indicated a certain number of clients at each training level. There are currently no AAMET requirements for “number of clients”. Level 1 training is a basic EFT training, geared toward self-help and foundational EFT skills. After Level 2 training, much practical experience is necessary before submitting your case-studies to an AAMET Trainer before becoming an EFT Level 2 Practitioner. You may practice with friends, family and through peer EFT swapping sessions. It is imperative that you disclose this information to all clients; as well as abide by the code of ethics set forth by AAMET.

If I take Levels 1, 2 and 3 workshops from a certified AAMET trainer will I then be certified?

No, you must also submit case studies to an AAMET trainer.

What is the AAMET Certification process?

After completing Levels 1 and 2 with an AAMET Trainer who is teaching according to AAMET guidelines, you will then be required to pass a written exam. After that, you must practice EFT with others and write up a minimum of 3 case studies that demonstrate competent use of the techniques. These will be reviewed by your trainer who then issues your certificate as an AAMET-Certified EFT Level 2 or 3 Practitioner. Follow-up and mentoring are aspects of the AAMET Training that makes it a particularly strong and effective training process.

After completing the Level 3 certification, what will my official title be?

AAMET EFT Level 3 Practitioner

How can I be sure THIS certification wont be canceled or nullified like other EFT certifications?

AAMET has been in existence for over 8 years. It is not run by one person who could leave or retire. It is a democratic, non-profit organization run by members. All members have the opportunity to join AAMET committees and all members have voting privileges.

What requirements will there be to become an EFT Master?

The AAMET training committee is currently working to solidify the AAMET EFT master requirements. They hope to offer it in early 2011. Ann Adams, the Director of the former EFT Masters program is on the committee along with other highly experienced EFT Practitioners and EFT Masters.

There are no workshops near me. What can I do?

Many workshops are offered at hotels with a discount in room rentals for attendees. You can also contact any AAMET trainer of your preference to request a training in your area.

I understand we need insurance to be an AAMET EFT Practitioner. Where can I get insurance?

Here are 6 companies:

  1. ($165/year)
  2. (also offers health and dental)
  3. (also offers health care)
  4. ($175/year) You must have proof of at least a Level 3 workshop (EFT, MTT Meridian Tapping Techniques or AAMET) Its under Pro-ER EFT Master Lindsay Kennys EFT practitioner label. Below is the link to info to read about it and the corporate account you need to sign up under. Its 2-3 million in liability insurance for $175 a year. They initially were just for massage practitioners, but now cover EFT, MTT and ProER Rather than you having to set up another corporate account, you can use Pro-ER. But you will need to fill out a form and fax a certificate of completion to them. I have reprinted this info with Lindsay Kennys permission.
    Kristine Berlute
    Member Benefits Manager
    ID number 965154 for corporate accounts. Its important that you use this ID # for the $175 rate.
  6. Canada: Lackner McLennen Ins., & Preventative Health Services Group. Both cost about $250 a year.