Ending coffee addiction through EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Coffee, when taken in moderation, provides necessary health and mental benefits. However, you need to take caution to avoid overuse, which can lead to coffee addiction. It is not easy to fight addiction of any substance. However, various emotional, medical and psychological interventions have proved to bear fruit. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one such technique, which involves both emotional and psychological therapies in fighting substance addiction.

How does EFT work?

When you experience coffee cravings you might Love this super-auto-espresso machine just like how i love it(Check it out on poundcoffee.com), complex brain processes are involved before you start getting the yearnings. EFT uses body part stimulation through tapping so that the brain “forgets” the cravings and focuses on other activities. It works through changing the craving thought in the mind so that the mind is given space to apply reasoning to whether it is wise to quench the craving thirst at that particular time or not. Obviously, if you have the urge to stop the addiction, the power of reasoning will override the strength of craving and you end up stopping the habit.

The pressure points to tap should have a close association with the brain parts, which directly affects the stimulation of the craving desire. Scientists believe on nine pressure points, which need to be tapped or rather massaged while you think of the negative effects of what coffee addiction has on your body, logic will prevail over the addiction. Long-term use of this therapy will fight coffee addiction.

These pressure points are linked directly to the brain cells responsible for the production of stress hormones. Tapping them in a gentle manner, reduces the production of stress hormones, and further reduces anxiety levels, allowing the brain to relax such that when you apply logic, through self-talk, at that time, the mind is sober enough for a health self-discussion on advantages and disadvantages of coffee addiction.

The first step in the process of using EFT therapy is occupying your mind with different activities, such that when you have the craving, your mind is so occupied with useful tasks for you to even think of the coffee craving.

You need to understand the pressure points and how your body reacts to them once they are tapped. Do you need vigorous or gentle tapping for you to reduce the anxiety? Before you embark on the therapy, various tapping procedures should be undertaken for you to ensure you tap on the right parts for the correct stimulation effect.

You cannot rely entirely on EFT for coffee addiction prevention; you have to go through other underlying causes for addiction that causes the craving.  It could be a stressful moment, separation, divorce or loss of a loved one. Use the therapy while also handling underlying issues through counseling to avoid coffee addiction relapse.

Coffee addiction can lead to various side effects like lack of sleep, restlessness, anxiety and nervousness hindering normal functioning of the body. Once this occurs, timely therapies will be of help. You can incorporate the use of both EFT and other coffee addiction measures for sustainable healing.

The high caffeine content in coffee brings adverse side effects; that is why you need to work on coffee addiction before it turns to be fatal.