How We Offer EFT Tapping in Just 5 Steps


When offering EFT treatment, treatment providers follow the procedure below:

Identification of the emotional or physical body issue

First, physicians assess patients to determine the problem they’re experiencing. They do this to improve the efficacy of this treatment technique.

The identified issue becomes the focus when tapping energy points. It’s important to emphasize on treatment of one issue at a time for optimal results.

Testing the intensity of the identified problem

With the issue troubling a patient known, EFT experts go ahead to test its intensity level. This rates on a 0 to 10 scale, with 0 being the least difficult and 10 the most difficult or worst. The scale is designed to analyze discomfort, and physical or emotional pain that results from the focus issue under treatment.

A benchmark is then established to help track treatment progress upon completing an entire EFT process. For instance, an individual with an intensity level of 10 before treatment and 5 after tapping has attained a 50% level of improvement.

The setup – explain the issue being treated

Before treatment commences, you must explain what’s being treated using EFT treatment. The setup phrase must acknowledge the problems identified. You also need to indicate acceptance of yourself irrespective of the problem in question.

As an example, a setup phrase could be: “Despite having (state the problem or fear), I deeply and totally accept who I am.”

Tailor this phrase to suit your unique needs and problem. However, don’t state other people’s issues. Put emphasis on how you feel to relive yourself of the distress it brings about.

Address your issue in the setup phrase like: “Despite having an ailing sister, I deeply and totally accept myself.”

Testing the intensity level after tapping

Test and rate your intensity level again on the same scale as you did prior to treatment. Compare the first and last results. Repeat the sequence if you haven’t attained an intensity of 0. A drop in intensity level signifies improvement in the pain or distress you experience.

EFT tapping, based on existing studies, has been used as an alternative treatment to effectively treat people with anxiety, insomnia, depression, physical pain, including veterans diagnosed with PTSD. It was found to significantly decrease psychological stress.

The EFT tapping process or sequence

This is the method followed when tapping energy points on the nine ends of your body’s meridian points. The body has about 12 main meridians on each side of the body, each corresponding to an organ.

However, EFT tapping only emphasizes on the following nine meridian points:

  • Governing vessel at the top of your head (TH)
  • Gallbladder meridian on the side of your eye (SE)
  • Small intestine meridian at the karate chop (KC)
  • Bladder meridian on your eyebrow (EB)
  • Governing vessel under your nose (UN)
  • Stomach meridian under your eye (UE)
  • Kidney meridian at the start of your collarbone (CB)
  • Central vessel on your chin (Ch)
  • Spleen meridian under your arm (UA)

First, tap the karate chop point as you recite your setup phrase thrice, at the same time. When done, tap the other points, each seven times as you move down your body in the following sequence:

  • Eyebrow – first
  • Then side of the eye
  • Followed by under the eye
  • Under the nose, next
  • Then your chin
  • Tap the start of your collarbone next
  • And, finally, tap under the arm

When done tapping under the arm point, complete the sequence with the top of your head point.

Reciting your setup phrase as you tap the meridian points helps you focus on the problem area.

At each tapping point, your reciting phrase could be, “The grief I feel as a result of my mom’s illness.” Repeat the sequence twice or thrice for each issue or problem identified to improve the effectiveness of treatment.


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