Uses of GPS for E.F.T Groups Programs Instructions

Here I was with absentmindedly thinking that I had a nervous habit. But little did I know that I was using a great and wonderful healing technique used to reach back to my body’s equilibrium. Anytime I would stop working and began tapping my hand. Sitting there hitting my hand with my other hand became such commonplace when dealing with any kind of stress I have never thought of the possibilities that it was a natural response for my body to deal with stress.


The GPS system was a huge headache and I was trying the program the thing so that it will be able to be used for my car as well as any other uses for my wives car. I sat in my seat looking at the darn thing wishing that I knew how to read Spanish since those instructions would seem less foreign than the manual that was written in English. Every time I would get frustrated I would stop reading grab the intersection between my eyes and my nose. I would then begin to start tapping my hand again breathing slowly in and out. Which would lower my anger from the Incredible Hulk level’s down to minor mannered Dr. Banner. If you want to have in depth information about GPS, you can check this website                          ( ) .
I remembered at that moment during college. That the best ways to learn the subject matter is sometimes changing the learning formula. Instead of trying to learn the subject matter by reading the manual and forcing myself to read through the manual line by line. Then trying to figure the technical jargon by using a combination of YouTube and Google searches.


In order to keep the subject matter non-threatening and intimidating. I believe the instructions of the manual could be combined with the learning of the ETF techniques. Just like making a cake the instructions would need to be as easy and have all the right ingredients so that they can be combined to make the right outcome.


The EFT basic recipe has 5 main steps. ( All of which are listed below.) These steps are taken from a manual of the GPS which will help break down the whole reprogramming process as well as how to implement the ETF techniques.


Step 1: Identify the Issues: Whether it is an emotional problem or programming the GPS coordinates and or the GPS device.


Step 2: Try out the Techniques. Try out the techniques, by testing out the ETF techniques the same way you would input the coordinates of a GPS. Begin to program you along with the device. Do this by putting in the coordinates. Try out the different ETF techniques and pressure points to see which ones would be best to use for you.


Step 3: The Setup. Is another word for a trial run. Begin the process through your mind and saying what is needed. Use both the techniques as well as verbally identifying the issue. (Important) Always aim to use positive language to proactively attack the emotional or stressful issue.


Step 4: Catenation. This is the main step and perhaps the most important using the whole techniques into one section. Go over the issue again. Use positive language. Use the tapping techniques and find the right rhythm. Use the right coordinates and amount of pressure for the pressure points. Do this for 5-10 minutes.


Step 5: The 2nd Test. Retest the issue again seeing if the stress and or pain/ aggravating GPS instructions are working again.







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