Why EFT Experts Need Digital Security Solutions

June 26, 2020

Ellen T. Hillman

Handling psychological issues require professionals. People are ready to pay for the service as long as they are guaranteed of emotional freedom.

They tend to realize the importance of emotional stability to enhance their productivity at home and workplace in equal measure.

Currently, EFT experts are well-sort-after paramedics; they receive emails, calls, and contracts from both individuals and organizations seeking their services.

They have moved the business a notch higher to offer physical and online lessons/courses for people who want to start the business. All these translate to high cash flow. You notice that most of the services are online, especially those who are miles away and want to seek their services.

How do unmanaged negative thoughts affect your productivity?

Bitterness, anger, despair, and fear causes emotional instability. Your mental state is also affected. You can’t focus on the tasks at hand.

Either you do them in a hurry or fail to do it at all. As an employee or a business owner, continued negative emotions leads to increased stress and depression levels. Do you think you can even think of new ideas for your business?

Emotional Freedom Technique as a Solution

EFT professionals admit their role in reducing the stress level for business continuity. They touch sensitive points in the body, which signals to the brain to produce happy hormones. Other benefits include

  • Uses positive confirmation to overcome a problem at hand
  • Aids in the healing process of psychological issues
  • Reduces inflammation and muscle pains
  • Creates a sense of positivity

EFT as a business

EFT business is booming in the digital market. However, fraudsters are somewhere within the web, waiting for a weak point in your system to defraud you.

Even the renowned money transfer companies are victims of these fraudulent activities. The only savior is digital security solutions. In their business, they’ve mastered the art in detecting and monitoring the system to seal all the loopholes fraudsters use to defraud unsuspecting clients.

Before you make such a decision, ensure you run due diligence from verified users who have benefitted from their services. Home Security solutions fit this description.

The many decades they’ve been in business, they’ve managed to check all their clients’ financial transactions. Moreover, they give value to their services.

The importance of Digital Security Solutions for EFT professionals

With more income for EFT professionals, Identity Theft and LifeLock plans are a must-have for all Emotional Freedom experts. It’s of importance to register in one of them for the following reasons

1. Money-Back guarantee

One advantage of this solution is that it gives you thirty days to test the quality of their services.

Within this period, you can opt-out with full refunds of your entire premium, with no charges attached. Once you register with them, whether you are on a trial period or not, you access all the services with no limitation.

In case of anything to your accounts, be sure you are covered based on the plan. How about that?

 2. Compensation of up to $1 million

The contract you have with a digital solution is to take care of your financial transaction against any fraudulent activities.

As part of the contract agreement, it states a compensation plan if someone uses your identity to withdraw money from your account.

 Some of the clients who come for your services could be fraudsters. Remember the common English saying, “the enemy is from within.”

LifeLock will compensate you in case of anything. The amount depends on your plan and the contract terms.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

Digital Security solutions are there for you when you need them. You can’t dictate when hackers knock at your bank account doors.

It could be late at night, early in the morning, or during the day. The 24/7 customer support comes in handy to provide all the necessary help you need.

 The Identity theft package provides notification in the form of texts or emails to alert the company of a fishy business in your account to prevent any further entry/ damage to your account.

4. Identity restoration

The moment a hacker gets hold of the identity documents, you are doomed in your EFT investment.

 Surprisingly, you can’t change your identity; it remains the same. Online experts understand the best way to restore your identity just in case you fall, victim. It is part of the service offered in their toolkit.

5. Affordable plans to suit the customer base of your business including your family

Novice and experts in the industry need security solutions. As long as you transact cash on online platforms, you’re susceptible to hacking.

The Home Security plans suit the needs of all businesses, depending on their financial base. Definitely, a high monetary base needs additional services compared to the beginners who only require essential services.

However, online security solution caters for all that in different plans. The plan includes either monthly or annual premium payments.

The flexibility in the plans supports all developing and developed EFT businesses.

6. Family plan

Digital protection services extend the services to their family members. It’s a way of making sure every family member is peaceful with less stress. The companies understand the power of family peace.

 When a family member is in distress, every other member is affected or infected in one way or another. As you grow your business as an EFT professional, digital security solutions MUST be part of your plan to secure your bank accounts against hackers and fraudsters.


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