EFT United is your online resource for information about EFT tapping as alternative form of treatment to acupressure therapy. It restores disrupted energy flow in your body.

About Us

EFT United is a website dedicated to emotional freedom technique (EFT). We provide useful and authoritative information on EFT, an alternative form of treatment for emotional distress and physical pain.

We believe that emotional freedom technique, also known psychological acupressure or tapping, can help treat physical and emotional pain. Therefore, we provide information on everything you may want to know about this treatment.

At EFT United, we believe that this treatment technique of body tapping strikes a balance in an individual’s energy system to relieve pain. An energy disruption, the treatment developer, causes pain in the physical body, including negative emotions.

EFT tapping is still under research as a form of treatment. However, people have used it to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

We are EFT tapping into Five steps. Repeating this procedure addresses more than a single issue and eliminates or reduces the intensity of the negative emotion.

Identification of the emotional or physical body issue

Testing the intensity of the identified problem

The setup – explain the issue being treated

The EFT tapping process or sequence

Testing the intensity level after tapping

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