How EFT Tapping Works


EFT, just like acupuncture, emphasizes on the energy hot spots or the meridian points to restore your body’s energy balance. Restoration of energy balance is believed to relieve patients of symptoms of a negative emotion or experience.

Meridian points, according to Chinese medicine, are body parts that support flow of energy. The pathways are believed to balance the flow of energy in your body to maintain good health. An imbalance in body energy causes sickness or disease. Whereas EFT utilizes fingertip tapping for pressure application on the body, acupuncture makes use of needles for the same purpose.

According to EFT proponents at EFT United, body tapping gives access to your body’s energy, and transmits signals to the section of the brain responsible for stress control. EFT tapping stimulates the meridian points to lower negative emotions resulting from an issue or stress. Eventually, it restores the disrupted body energy to the right balance.


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