How Can Money Affect Emotions of Human?

July 15, 2017

Ellen T. Hillman

How do you behave when you have money and when you lack money? Money dictates our actions, Although there are other underlying factors, money carries the lead. The fact that you cannot get what you want at that time because you lack money, you will have a spoilt mood. Money gives you the confidence even to walk in a shop even if you do not intend to make any purchase. Compare when you go for window-shopping in the two scenarios. You lack psyche and you get discourages by the fact that you cannot afford.

It is worse when you are the breadwinner in the family. Your kids need something and you cannot give them instead you give them excuses. You look more of a failure, innocence in kids as they ask for a favor crushes you. However, you can use that as a financial guide for the children “you do not just get what you want at whatever time, you have to plan for it. 24 Option and IQ Option compared you will find that the sole course of poor moods is when you lack money to finance your projects. It is even worse when you are unable to meet the basic need, which defines your ego.

When you live from hand to mouth, you walk with a low self-esteem, several questions run through your mind. What if I loose my job now? What if someone feels sick now. Your weakness comes out in the open. Unfortunately, if any emergency arises, you forced to ask from friends exposing you, this lowers your self-esteem. The fact that you even imagine how people talk about your financial status inhibits your social interaction among family and friends. If you friends ask you to go out, will you just depend on their pockets to pay your bills? That kind of embarrassment makes you wallow in pity if you lack good support system you can easily get into depression because of stress.

You have a job, but the pay is low. You are forced to borrow or use your credit card which in most cases will not meet your financial needs. The high-interest rates are also on your back, leave alone the family needs. You are one of the most unhappy people in the workplace, your productivity level, of course, will be low since your mind is occupied with a lot of thought. Companies which exploit their employees through poor pay have a slow growth rate. Money is a motivating tool even among employees, he can walk for long hours simply because all her/his financial needs are well catered. This improves his concentration span putting more effort on the companies by giving wise decisions that govern the company to the next level.

Money is the fuel to happiness, at the same time money can be a source of trouble for it allows pride to take center stage in your life. It is important to build a strong personality such that money does not govern your way of life but you can always manage yourself with the little that you have.



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